Our Values

1. Integrity

Right from induction, employees are given to understand the importance of the work culture and the pivotal role of integrity towards this. Our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and our practices in line with it are a reflection of our integrity. This has created immense trust among the customers and industry at large.

James Rajakumar
General Manager – Marketing & Sales

2. Respect

NATREACH, is a patient assistance initiative started by NATCO to help patients from underprivileged and economically difficult backgrounds. About 2,000 patients are benefiting every year through NATREACH for the last 7 years. While our medicines are affordably priced, we aid patients who would still not be able to access them, keeping in mind our core value of respect and our commitment to operate with care and concern.

Mr. A. Lakshminarayana
Senior Vice President – Human Resources and Organizational Development

3. Openness

We have always been open in our statements and outlook to stakeholders, keeping in mind the significance of building a long-term relationship. Specially, with our investors and financial analysts we always articulated both the company’s strategy and weaknesses in our business to provide a holistic overview.

Rajesh Chebiyam
Executive Vice President – Crop Health Sciences, Acquisitions, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

4. Collaborative

NATCO has successfully developed and launched complex drug delivery product – Liposomal Doxorubicin Injection in the US market, in collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. Teams from both the companies, worked on the product development and approval process for more than 5 years. The product will be launched in other markets across the world in the next 2 years. This successful collaboration for a product targeted for global reach, is a testimony of our ability to work on shared goals and build long lasting relationships based on trust.

Subba Rao Mente
Vice President – Global Generics

5. Creative

To take a project to plant, we explore all possible ways of process design and come up with best process to achieve the targeted yield and quality of product. While designing API process, we develop better, faster and safer technology with our creative ideas. Complex products like glatiramer, lanthanum carbonate, lenalidomide, and trabectedin were developed by this approach.

Dr. M. Pulla Reddy
Executive Vice President – R&D

6. Quality

Every time NATCO launches a new product, we ensure that a quality product reaches the end customer. Consistency has been the hallmark of the way our business runs and every unit of product that the company manufactures, meets stringent quality standards.

Dr. Pavan Bhat’s
Director and Executive Vice President, Technical Operations