Meet Our People


At Natco we strongly believe that our employees are an integral part of our growth story and value them as our most important asset. Here are a few short excerpts from our employees, talking about what it’s like to work at Natco.

Dr. Amala

General Manager, R&D

I am happy to be part of an organization that values its people, enjoys experimentation and has a positive impact on the world. I cannot imagine myself without Natco, it has given me opportunities to prove myself in major areas of process development. Natco values the individual point of view, never says ‘no’ to experimentation, and gives every employee equal opportunity to voice their opinion.

M. Srikanth

General Manager, Purchase and Global Sourcing

I would highly recommend someone to work at Natco and progress their career because of the homely work culture with liberty and accountability of tasks along with timely support from management when required.

Dr. M. Pulla Reddy

Executive Vice President - R&D

Natco would be the right place for someone who wants to work on challenging projects. Employees get challenging work and at the same time are given full freedom to carry out their responsibilities, which results in high job satisfaction.

M. Vijayalakshmi

Manager, Corporate Services

I feel proud to be part of a leading pharmaceutical company, and particularly to work in the key-office, Office of the Chairman. Financial security, job satisfaction, family life, health and safety enabled me to work at Natco for many years and enjoy better quality of life.

T.R.S. Chowdary

Assistant General Manager, Formulations R&D

The most exciting aspect of being here at Natco, is working in a company whose purpose is to make a positive difference by providing quality medicines at affordable cost. My career at Natco has progressed from starting out as a trainee in R&D to Assistant General Manager now. Natco helps me successfully manage work-life balance