Global Overview

Natco products reach more than 40 countries globally. Key geographies include Latin American, Asia Pacific, South East Asia & Middle East. Through our partneship driven model, our exports are primarily done by out-licensing our products to multinational companies and also those companies with strong local/ regional presence in the respective geographies.

We expect to continue growth by exporting niche & high value APIs & formulations. Our export business is supported by a strong in-house regulatory team. In addition to the partnerships, we operate in certain key geographies through our subsidiaries.

Natco Global Overview


Natcofarma do Brazil, a step down subsidiary of Natco India, commenced operations in 2011. Headquartered in Vitoria, we operate from 4 locations with 2 warehouses & a QC laboratory. Our operations comprise of 3 business lines – Pharmaceuticals; OTC & Distribution services. With a strong local management team & over 50 employees we are poised to scale up our operations rapidly.

Our Pharmaceutical division undertakes registration & importation of pharmaceutical medicines. Currently, 14 dossiers are under evaluation & product launch for few products is expected during 2015. We are increasing up our product portfolio through a mix of in-house & in-licensed products.

The OTC division holds registrations of 22 personal hygiene products; selling them through 2,500 point of sales across the country.

Our distribution services are concentrated in the state of Espirito Santo. Currently we are offering our services to 35 companies covering 1,200 SKUs. We are distributing products for some of the leading companies like Reckitt, Takeda, Actavis, Ranbaxy, Zydus, Uniao Quimica.

Natco has been supplying high quality pharmaceuticals to the Canadian market for more than five years until 2012. Subsequently, our subsidiary – Natco Canada – was incorporated. We scaled up our infrastructure & currently have a professional team comprising of Quality, Regulatory, Warehousing, Marketing, Distribution and Logistics functions. This team is highly capable of servicing the Canadian market. Our products are currently under approval process & expect to launch few key products in 2015.

Natco Asia was established in the year 2014. It is headquartered in Singapore. Our warehouse, which is under construction is expected to be functional during first half of 2015. We have initiated Product registrations and expect to commence commercial operations during early 2016.

Natco Australia has been incorporated during second half of 2014. We have just commenced product registrations and have completed filing of one of our key Oncology product.

Contacts for Global

Mr. Subba Rao Mente

Vice President - Global Generics