Our Strengths

1. Research

The Company’s strength in research and people has been the cornerstone of its success, sustaining large investments in research initiatives of Rs.322 crores during the five years leading to FY2017.

2. Culture

The Company is opportunity-driven, responding to new ideas and developments with industrial discipline on the one hand and strategic flexibility on the other.

3. Integration

The Company is integrated across the value chain – APIs to formulations - in the manufacture of select products leading to corresponding advantages in terms of cost, quality and logistics.

4. Spread

The Company addresses opportunities across the oncology, CNS, gastrointestinal, migraine and anti-depressant segments, each of which is growing in size and scope.

5. Intellectual Capital

The company demonstrated a high retention of senior management professionals over the last number of years, catalyzing relationships management across all stakeholders and informed decision-making.

6. Research Effectiveness

Research Effectiveness: A majority of the company’s oncology basket of products were first generic versions in India; recognized among them were generics for Imatinib, Sorafenib, and Gefitinib among others.

7. Alliances

The company entered into alliances with several front-ranking pharmaceutical players, translating into insights related to product development, litigation and marketing.

8. Brand

The company established its brand as a strong global oncology player, respected for its ability to develop world class generic products at one of the lowest costs.

9. Value Addition

The company has selected to grow its presence in value added niches where it addresses the needs of specialists with a corresponding throughout per medical representative that is considerably higher than the Indian pharmaceutical industry average.

10. Innovation

The company leveraged its deep understand of manufacturing equipment to make design improvements that helped moderate capital expenditure and enhance profitability.

11. Sophistication

The company is one of few in India to manufacture cytotoxic drugs across two plants, an index of its commitment to invest in infrastructure and process sophistication.

12. Conservative

The company consistently expensed all its R&D expenditure from its balance sheet; its long-term debt-equity ratio of 0.22 and interest cover of 4.52x provided adequate fiscal comfort.